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Our focus on reconstruction allows us to bring significant expertise to help solve a broad spectrum of surgical challenges.

We care about your health

We develop treatment-based plans achieving your goals

Our primary goal is to provide outstanding surgical care so that our patients can get on with doing the things that are most important to them. Whether that is living a full life, achieving specific goals or simply being with the ones they love.

We achieve this by partnering with our patients to seek long-term solutions that meet their needs while minimising the need for additional interventions.

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What to expect

We will take the time to evaluate and discuss your condition to ensure you understand your diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.

Reconstructive procedures are designed to improve body parts that were damaged by trauma, accidents, congenital defects, or other problems. Receiving reconstructive surgery can be an excellent way to repair this damage. These procedures can be used to restore lost functionality and improve the appearance of the affected body parts. For example, this type of procedure might be able to improve the appearance of your breasts after you received a mastectomy.

The type of procedure that you receive, the body parts that you are trying to reconstruct, and other factors may impact the effects of your reconstructive surgery. However, you can generally expect to begin this process by getting an initial consultation with Dr. Findlay.

Discover more about the processes and what to expect.

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Dr. Michael Findlay

Our Melbourne specialist

The team at RPS Melbourne are committed to providing you with the best possible outcome.

The extensive specialist skills of our surgical team ensure that you are provided with surgical options designed to maximise form and function.

Dr Michael Findlay holds an impressive array of academic credentials, extensive professional experience and a personal commitment to patient satisfaction.